4 ways non-extreme people can use a GoPro

GoPro is back with a brand new take on a classic camera.

The Hero series has been the go-to action camera for a few years now and, while it looks the same as last year, the Hero 6 Black packs a serious punch. It takes better photos, shoots better video, and is what the company calls an "intelligent camera."

GoPro is one of the new companies in our Healthy Living portfolio. Quarterly, we evaluate our holdings and add in or remove some – we’re happy to welcome GoPro as a part of the Swell family.


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Nicole White

Nicole White

Nicole White is Swell's Copywriter and Content Strategist. Her passion (however boring) is personal finance; she has a unique knack for simplifying the complicated through wit and accessibility. Originally from Pittsburgh, she moved to LA with her family about two years ago and loves it. She's excited to be a part of a team that is actually making a difference through innovation and elbow grease.

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