What do I need to get started?

Setting up a Swell Investing account is super simple.

You just need some basic info that you’ve probably got memorized. Gather together your:


Current address

Social Security number


Citizenship status

Email address

Employment status

Employer info

We’ll also ask you a few questions about your finances so that we can serve you best. We’ll need to know your current investment assets, time horizon, and risk tolerance in order to establish suitability for investing in Swell. If you aren’t 100% sure what all of that means for you and your situation, that’s fine. Here’s the breakdown:

Current investment assets

This means cash or anything that can be liquidated into cash. Your checking, savings, any retirement or mutual fund accounts, any stocks or businesses you own – in other words, a general estimate of all of your money.

Time horizon

Your Investment horizon means the total length of time that you expect to hold a Swell portfolio. Also, this time horizon determines your risk exposure. If you only plan on keeping your investments going with us for a short while, Swell may not be right for you because our portfolios are designed for long-term growth.

Risk tolerance

Risk tolerance is one of the most important bits of investing. You need to have a realistic understanding of your ability and willingness to navigate swings in the market. What’s your risk tolerance? It will usually vary based on your age, experience, net worth, and the actual amount you’ve got to invest. Spreading your risk around through different investments decreases your overall exposure to downturns in the market – that’s diversification.

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Nicole White

Nicole White

Nicole White is Swell's Copywriter and Content Strategist. Her passion (however boring) is personal finance; she has a unique knack for simplifying the complicated through wit and accessibility. Originally from Pittsburgh, she moved to LA with her family about two years ago and loves it. She's excited to be a part of a team that is actually making a difference through innovation and elbow grease.

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